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January 17, 2017

I've been trying to write a blog post for here for a few weeks now, but a mental mind block is preventing me. Why? Maybe it's because I'm feeling like the beginnings of ~this~ blog post again, or maybe it's because I'm writing in other places. Like my journal, or for the National Student (my author page is ~here~).

If you've met me in real life recently, you'll have realised that a few rather HUGE things have occurred. One being that I've been offered my dream internship. Another being that I'm so miraculously HAPPY pretty much every day and just the sheer feeling of happiness is something to, well, get happy about. 

Life's changed a lot since I wrote regularly on this thing. I've made new friends, lost old ones, ate lots of pizza (that hasn't changed) and wrote in lots of places. The Guardian being one of them (!).

Probably the weirdest thing that happened was finding a dress taller than me in H&M. I have photographic evidence where I'm wearing heels in the picture and I'm still tiny. I'm not as short as you think I am (I have to go on my tiptoes to reach things EVERYWHERE).

But yeah, this internship. I'll mention it once and never again. Promise.
There, I'll stop going on about it. Blog knows now. ~end~

I've also loved a lot of things - lots of songs, rhythmic pieces to study and lose your head to, atmospheric beats to lull you to sleep. And podcasts. Many, many podcasts. Emma Gannon has a lot to answer for.

Here's a few things I've been lovin, that you might love too: 
(categorised for your viewing pleasure)

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milk and honey, rupi kaur ~ the five gals in my article ~here~ the new little mix book (how SAD) ~ lots and lots on the national student 

the ohh deer daily journals ~ an ipad!?! ~ my brain ~ notebooks and shiz ~ lots of WINE GLASSES

And that's what happened on Glee in my life.
See u soon xxxxx
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