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February 06, 2017

la la land
La La Land came to me a bit out of nowhere. I remember hearing about it in about September time, and I knew it was coming out in a matter of weeks. Or so I thought. Turns out it was on very limited release across the globe, and it would be months before it came to England. I sulked. 

It had a wide UK release on the 12th of January, and I was more ready than I have been for any film since The Hunger Games was cool. And then life got busy. That's a bit of a pattern in my life.

It was the 24th of January before I finally saw La La Land in the middle of two incredibly boring lectures about strategy and Subway sandwiches.

And here's what I thought of it:

It's not often I find a film so utterly perfect, so utterly real and true that the hairs on my arms stand to attention and crave to be noticed. It's not often disobedient tears threaten to leave my eyes at something that's not even sad, at something that's not ridiculously happy either. I like jazz, I do... but that's not why I loved La La Land.

There's something about the filmography, the lights and the fact the signature dress was yellow that made my heart tingle and my chubby cheeks smile. The opening number, the initial apprehension, the awful attitude of Seb in some of his first scenes... they all failed in making me dislike the character for a single second of film. I think it's because it felt real. It was real.

Those emotions don't come out of you if it's not real, if the producers and the directors and the actors and everyone involved haven't felt like that before. It just doesn't happen. It can't happen.

I don't even want to be an actress. Or a singer or anything to do with performance art. But for any young girl growing up with big dreams, I think La La Land will strike a chord. 

The fact Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling can hold a tune but don't hold a candle to Adele; the riveting backstories that just need to be explored, the frequent and telling nods to an America from yesteryear...  

I bloody adore it. I do.

If Joy is one side of me, La La Land is the other. I might have zero theatre talent, I might sing like a cat who's on the verge of death, but I like Mia and I think I see parts of myself in her. 

Maybe it's because she wears yellow. I love yellow.

Or maybe it's because the whole film can be encompassed in the opening number, Another Day of Sun. Because that's what we all want, right?

~sunshine and smiles and happiness~
and everything in between. 

And no matter what happens in the middle - even if Seb acts like a total douche when he meets Mia for the first/second/sort of third time, the ending is good. 

Even if it's a surprise from the beginning. 

And I think that's why I love La La Land. 

~you can catch la la land in cinemas now across the world~

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  1. A very soulful and tender picture that will not leave anyone indifferent who looked at him because he raises very serious feelings.


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