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February 20, 2017

In recent months, I've found a YouTuber I like. It's crazy. I usually hate YouTube stars because of who they are and what they do and how they act sweet when they're not. Sigh. (@ zoella and friends) I like Dodie so much that I actually planned this post, because I didn't think I could decide what my favourite things were off the top of my head. In my notes I wrote 'it's all a bit sad, yet sweetly satisfying' and I think that's true. Not 100% true, but definitely not fake news. Her words make me feel melancholy, and sometimes her thoughts and feelings echo my thoughts and feelings, which I like. 


I haven't felt like I want to write a blog post so much since... well probably The Saturdays were cool. It's nice to see somebody write and then subsequently perform their own songs, as it seems like the own mainstream artist to do this repetitively is Sia, and well.. Sia isn't really like ukulele playing Dodie is she? 

~in no particular order~ here are the Dodie classics that make me smile

Intertwined makes me smile ~~ Sick of Losing Soulmates actually had a Vevo video released, which was a first for Dodie. The video has almost 3 million views (!!) and I really liked the fact it was about love and used two women to represent that because of ~equality woo~ - those words were actually in my notes... ~~ When makes me think a lot, and in the right situation has the ability to make me cry. Right now while I'm watching Britney Ever After is not that time ~~ Would You Be So Kind? is a bop where Dodie wears a yellow dress (it is Dodie yellow tho??) - I sing to this a lot and I'm not ashamed to say it, it's a summery tune that makes me smile and hum and gets me through those horrid essay days ~~ All Star w/ Tessa Violet is obviously from Shrek and I don't even really like Shrek but I received some good news to this song so it'll always have that memory ~~ Drive is a Oh Wonder cover which is probably quintessential Dodie because it's ~atmospheric~ and words to that effect. I just really like it ~~ City of Stars w/ Jon Cozart is obviously from La La Land and is amazingly beautiful and just reminds me of the movie and it's beautiful and it's got Jon in it (p a i n t  s u b s c r i b e) ~~ Can't Feel My Superbass w/ Andie Isalie, Orla Gartland is actually the first Dodie video I saw and came from a Lucy Moon video and I actually love it so much, it's so easy to harmonise to as well which is good for ya gal who loves to sing along ~~ Pop Party mashups with Dodie's little sister are also as good as Superbass for probably the same reasons, also seeing Hedy growing up is the cutest thing ever (omg superlatives everywhere) ~~ Somewhere In The Crowd w/ lots of people including Tessa Violet (!!) is from La La Land too and bloody hell it's emotional yet happy and it just promotes vibes you can't get when you're sat in your room watching stupid make up hauls like the other Youtube stars promote. (Zoella cough Zoella

you can watch all this dodie goodness ~here~ on her channel 
lots of love... olivia curls

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