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February 16, 2017

I've been reading a lot recently, whether that be essays about feminism or journals about business strategy. It's a little crazy how much I've been reading recently actually, but with more information out there than ever before, it's nice to find things that pique my interest and make me crave and think and learn. 

Here's some of my favourite reads over the past month: 
Rupi Kaur - Milk and Honey 
Milk and Honey seems to be the unexpected hit of the year so far, with every Instagram gal seemingly owning a copy. I actually found the book on Amazon before I found the Instagram account, so didn't really mind that most of the poems were already immortalised in square format. It doesn't take long to read but it's nice to pick up and put down, and the short stanzas really hit you where it hurts - who knew I'd begin to like poetry? 

Katie's words have inspired me for years. Heck, even one of my diaries had her somewhat iconic quote scribbled in the inside cover as a reminder to always look at the world as if it was silver. I remember reading her blog and feeling a little proud for a stranger I have never known, I remember the second blog ETC and the H&M campaigns and the New York trip that turned into months and months of words and coverage. And this bad boy of a final blog post reads to me as a finishing off that was well and truly deserved, maybe Scarphelia is no more but there are intricate lessons weaved within those lil nuggets of #content and I'm glad it was around while I was growing up. 

"Forever remain curious, refuse to remain unremarkable."

I didn't really watch Skins. I'm not going to pretend I did but I've seen the first few episodes and I think this article is very interesting concerning it. I don't know, it just made me think. It talks about how television and the individuals portrayed within it can be used on social media in ways the directors and actor may not have thought possible. And I agree. As I said, I might not have watched Skins but I can use the analogy for any show I've ever been obsessed with. Coronation Street? Adult me may not want to admit it but for the kid who liked soap operas, I can see how something as small as light entertainment can filter into somebody's psych and change them. I'm going to stop talking now.

It's not a secret that I love Jennifer Lawrence, but this article really made me think about whether the personality she portrays in TV interviews is one and the same as the personality she has when away from the cameras. I've begun to write about this many times before, but I just can't seem to click publish on anything. Maybe it's meant to stay in my brain, or maybe this article describes my thoughts well enough. We’ll have to see. 

Ever since I applied to work for Disney last year, I've been keeping tabs on the Disney Belle, with its beautiful photography and occasional vlogs from the Happiest Place on Earth. And when I was offered the job at Disney, I read it even more. And more. Did I mention I'm going to work in Disney World? I'm sure I have. I'm going to work in Disney World?!? Still can't believe it OMG (!?!?) ….ANYWAY this article focuses on Annie’s first week working for the Mouse and it makes me happy just reading it. 

Very much like the Jennifer Lawrence article, I found it very interesting how many celebrities put on a show to suit their own marketing campaigns or simply to hide a part of themselves from the media. Featuring celebrities such as Amy Adams and John Legend, it's a nice yet rare insight into the true, real life of people who have had to give up their anonymity simply because of their job title. 

I've also read lots of textbooks and things off my reading lists if anybody employed by uni reads this (I’m sure they don't) 

until next time, 
olivia mae

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  1. Dear friends, thanks a lot for the things you described. I might need extra explanation on a couple of points I have not clearly understood.

  2. I am very pleased that you have shown the list of books, because I don't know what else to read. I hope that these books will be worth wasting time on them.


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