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March 02, 2017

~with my visa application from yummy jobs~
For those of you who don't know (like four of you for the amount of time I've spent blabbering on about it), I am moving to Disney World for three months this summer to partake in Disney's Cultural Exchange Program and I am SO excited. Like talk-all-the-time-and-never-shut-up excited. Ridiculously excited. I cried when I found out. SO EXCITED.

It's also going to be my first time in Disney World, so I've got 500000000 things I'd love to do - and with three months to complete it all, I've got plenty of time to peruse the Magic Kingdom to my hearts content. There may be no more Wishes by the time I get to the States, but damn my wishes have come true already so ~who cares~ 

(me. a lot. i wanted to see wishes. gah youtube is the only option now)

So anyway.. here's my bucket list for the BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE (hopefully)
  • visit every park and get a picture of both myself and my staff name tag in each location
  • get more than one name tag for my uniform, so i can be from both york and scarborough
  • ride every single ride
  • see every show (even ellen's energy adventure lol)
  • try the kitchen sink at beaches and cream
  • eat at ohana (can i say this when i've already got a booking? yes i can)
  • try and visit the gym in chatham/wherever i end up living at least once
  • be the last guest in the park
  • arrive for opening at magic kingdom (and everywhere else if you can)
  • visit every resort and see all the fab theming
  • go to the waterparks at least once
  • try american food!! you're in america for gods sake
  • go to as many stereotypical american places as possible eg. walmart
  • send a postcard home!
  • take every opportunity to meet characters 
  • fill an autograph book
  • take a day (or more) to just relax and sunbathe and swim and realise you're living the dream
  • go to universal (annual pass yes?)
  • go to a housing event
  • play grocery bingo 
  • earn $$$$$ and spend $$$$$$
  • get a celebrating badge because I'M CELEBRATING being in disney of course 
  • i'll be working around pin trading so please start it yourself liv
  • get pins for your location / favorite ride / memory
  • try and buy one piece of merch specific to each park
and most importantly...
  • ~make friends and have lots of fun~
from a gal with lots of faith, trust and pixie dust,
olivia xxx

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