March 13, 2017

this is me taking a nero selfie, how embarassing

This post was going to be cute and long and about me and my life these past few weeks, a filtered version of my journal perhaps. An online edit for the 50000000 of you who read this pretty regularly, who stayed even though I disappeared and lived and discovered that I'm happiest when listening to atmospheric music and eating crisps. Like now. 

Like I still have faults. I still say cute way too often. I've counted three times I deleted the adjective in the previous four line paragraph. That's not good. Using good as an adjective isn't great either. Gah I have a lot to learn. 

But this is what I've discovered on the net these past couple weeks. Think of it a text version of my car stereo and inner thoughts while listening to said car stereo, and come back to see other things better than this. About me. About happy me. Because God knows that I've become a 98647% better person this past year. 


songs cute enough to relax to
  • oh wonder - drive
  • dodie / jon cozart - city of stars
  • lorde - green light
  • oh wonder - crazy in love
  • keira knightley - a step you can't take back
  • perrie edwards - listen
  • sarah close - call me out
songs musical theatre me loves
  • spirit young performers company - hamilton jam / medley
  • miscast - schuyler sisters
  • heathers the musical - candy store live
  • neil patrick harris - tony awards 2013 opening
  • james corden - tony awards 2016 opening 
other youtube series i'm adoring
  • bright sun films - abandoned series - the disney features on this are AMAZING (especially the legendary years resort / old potential resort videos)
  • amy baxter - disney cep videos - i'm going to disney with amy and her vids on the cep application process are so clear and easy to understand
  • sam carr - location and travel videos - i followed sam on twitter like 7 years ago and his move into youtube makes my movie maker vids look ridiculously amuteur 
a couple of blog posts you should read
  • a pizza my life - it hasn't been updated in just under a year, but gOD does it make you smile
  • tolly dolly posh fashion - i used to love tolly when i was younger, and now she's branched out into ethical fashion, i've found her blog a must read once more. there's lOTS to make you think (especially the ethical directory - who knew there were so many options!?)
  • beauty by the bunny - why i won't be duped - have make up revolution gone too far? is such an interesting read 
there u go come back another day for more interesting things
liv x

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