my disney photo diary 2017

September 21, 2017

here is a photo diary.
something to spur me on to write
i've missed this space, but what i've been doing has been a bloody delight. 

i miss you disney world, and i've only been gone two weeks
but i've left behind friends and fireworks and a mouse named mickey 
in a place the size of manhattan but oh so small
walt disney world, you bloody had it all

you had long days, and ihop, and chris from orlando, 
you had fastpass and splash selfies and fountain bevs galore - AND you had me
i was there, living the dream. with some pals and pros and a hop, skip and jump to universal studios
and jimmy fallon and duelling dragons and the happiness that was walk on single rider lines and refillable cups and not being too far from disney-
which was my home. 

i lived in disney world. i did it. 
and some amazing people came along for the ride.
summer santa, christmas in july and that disastrous week of 7 costumes in 9 days all came to an end 
and i'm back to my real home in york
a place my name badge finally said 
but i'll never forget my home here

see ya real soon 

((zone 2 we're better than you))

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