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November 01, 2013

Now, I love free things as much as the next person. When you realise your favourite face cream is buy one get one free, when the lady in Marks and Spencers asks 'would you like to try one of our sausage rolls?' It makes me smile. To me, Company magazine is known for having great gifts. Many complained about the eyeliner duo pen, but I really liked it and didn't see what all the fuss was about. Same with the mascara a few months back. I mean, I wouldn't use it as part of my everyday make up routine, but you wouldn't look like an idiot if you did use it. Except this month, Company magazine lost my trust. Those nail varnishes really were horrendous.

The magazine have been running a segment about nail art for agessss now, so I expected there to be some sort of nail promotion running at one point. Maybe a nail art pen. Maybe stickers. Even false nails popped into my head at one point. My problem with the nail varnishes are that they weren't even in colours you would consider to be 'on trend' for this time of year. Maroon, yes. But not deep-purple-which-wasn't-actually-deep. It was more of a murky grey ew colour, to put it nicely. Yes, the pink / red colour wasn't as bad as the 'other one' but I wouldn't have called it nice. Opening the magazine, I also expected there to be lots of nail art ideas featuring the colours they'd just given us. Nothing. There was nail art, yes. But none that I could use my purple and pink on.

Another problem was the actual varnish. It was thick, gloopy and didn't like the idea of spreading out onto my nail. But to be perfectly honest, I don't think I'd have wanted the colour on my nail anyway. Hmm.

I know this was a rant, but I really hope it isn't coming across spitefully. But for my favourite magazine, I just expected a little more. It'll have cost them money to produce these varnishes, and that could have gone towards making another months free gift even better.

Have you tried the free Company nail polishes? What did you think?
Love Olivia x


  1. Annie5.11.13

    That sucks.

  2. I was really disappointed with these polishes too, glad I'm not the only one! x

    1. Thank goodness for that - I thought I was the only one to hate them :-( x

  3. Anonymous9.12.13

    What did you expect - they were free!

    1. I expected something better than what I got.


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