Leaving 2014 Behind

December 29, 2014

2014 has been one of the most bewildering, scary and happiness filled year of my life. I've never had a year filled with so many ups and downs, a year where life has managed to fluctuate from hell to amazing, I've never experienced so many things in such a small period of time but I have so far yet to go. I cannot wait for 2015, yet I still need to comprehend what has happened this year before I even begin to fathom the events that will take place following the hallowed first of January.
This year I've visited places I've never seen before, acted in ways that seemed unimaginable twelve months back and accomplished insignificant loves which made my heart swell with joy. The pictures included above are just a small example of what's happened in my life, as no, my life does not revolve around food and filters but my Instagram sure does.
2014 started with a quick redecoration of my wardrobe sides, and a lovely message from Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud fame (which in no way rivalled the 'you should learn how to spell' Cheryl Cole tweet when she told me not to hate her as I obviously 'walked into it') but it was great all the same,  I had one too many Costa Coffee trips this year, an obvious perk of having a branch in our town, while buying cute colour changing lollypops from the ice cream van.
I also received my first ever PR sample this year, which astounded me. Being able to receive products from businesses who value my words and opinions is something I never thought I'd be able to say, as I'm only me, Olivia, a small town girl from Yorkshire, I'm nothing special and I know that trying to appear different will not make me special. I've had the joy of working with Liz Earle and Smiggle, amongst others and I feel thankful for this every single day.
I feel blessed that 2014 has happened.
Thank you to those who've cared.
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Returning To Childhood With Smiggle

December 27, 2014

Smiggle Pencil Case with Inbuilt Calculator*
Smiggle 8 Colour Pen / Extra Large Pencil*
Smiggle Snake Puzzle*
Smiggle Macarons*
Smiggle Zebra Keyring*
Smiggle Water Bottle + Lunchbag Duo*
Smiggle Backpack*
Smiggle Large + Small Notepads*
Smiggle Friendship Wristbands*
The brand Smiggle first came into my subconsciousness about a year ago, when a friend introduced me to an Australian world of colour and magic. It hit me that children nowadays had nowhere to light up their world, as Paperchase were slowly but surely aiming towards the older audience and WHSmith's range was becoming more and more lacklustre every year. So when I heard that Smiggle were moving over to the UK shores I was ecstatic, as you can see in this post here written by foetus Olivia (it's #hashtag embarrassing.)
Dreams and drama is the name of the game over in the Smiggle world and even though I'm a seventeen year old teenager with an adverse reaction to hyperactive children, I still can't allow myself to not be sucked in to a world of magic, mystery and bright tantalising colours. The happiness radiating from a child with a new toy is something that I hope will continue to exist for decades to come, even after the ultimate triumph of the personal computer and electronic device changed the world. My body still tingles with delight when I find something that makes other people ecstatically happy and I never want that feeling to disappear.
I miss the feeling of zero responsibility and weightlessness, where the world could stop spinning for a split second yet this would never register with my child like brain as I would be so ridiculously engrossed in a nonsense activity, like jumping into the air for a snapshot to rival the High School Musical posters or playing Monopoly till my head hurt. I know that Smiggle are aiming their products at young school children but as an almost adult, I feel the message their trying to deliver and I wish more businesses would try and follow their lead. 
This Christmas, Smiggle pulled out all the stops and I think they deserve the sales figures they will undoubtedly have because their sales pitches have been beautiful. I've finally had the chance to go to one of their stores (thanks Meadowhall!) and the enthusiasm and general happiness I felt from their employees and the ethos of the store.. God I just love it.
If you would like to find out more about Smiggle, click the link here.
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BLOGMAS DAY 1: Christmas Tag

December 01, 2014

So.. here we are. The rain is threatening to pour on our glass roof, the clouds are circling above in an action that reminds me of animals surrounding their prey. And it's December. With the 'pinch and punch' ritual aside, and my daily TimeHop images viewed, it was time to face up to facts. This is the last month of the year. 2014 is almost over and with that, another set of gift giving and money sharing awaits. Christmas has always been a somewhat materialistic time in my house and my brain, and I've never existed in a universe as to where my dreams match the sudden reality, but I always keep eternal hope that one of the December 25th moments will be as I imagine them in my sleep. And, to start #Blogmas, I feel as though this is the message I want to put across. Hope. Defying all of the odds to achieve something and make something that others think is not reasonable. Maybe this Christmas will be like the movies, maybe this next 31 days will teach me something unexplainably beautiful that leaves me feeling warm inside as I approach the next January. Blogmas, I'm ready for you. 
The following tag was created by Megan and Emily, who invited bloggers to take part in the #countdowntochristmas movement (there's too many hashtags recently!) which involves two posts a week written on a variety of topics up until Christmas! I thought that these prompts dotted with typical Olivia posts would make a nice change this December.
What's your favourite holiday movie?
This choice always involves funny stares and confused glances, but I can't get enough of Mean Girls during the holiday period, the jingle bell rock scene is something that I believe encompasses Christmas and it's a staple every Christmas Eve in our household. 
What are your favourite Christmas colours?
I didn't think that there were so many colours to choose from... from Google Images I assume a deep, glittery red would be my favourite but if glitter is an option, surely glitter is the best?
Do you like to stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas?
Dress up all the way! If you can't dress up for the fanciest day of the year, when else can you? I've never had a holiday season where I haven't bought a new frock, turned the heating onto full and scoffed my face with left over pork pie. This year I wanted to buy a beautiful green sequined dress from H&M for the occasion but the sizing's were all wrong. (sad face)
If you could only buy one person a present this year, who would it be for?
I don't think I would buy anybody a present if I had to choose between my friends and family. Every single person who receives a present this year has impacted positively on my life in some way and I don't think there is a way I can categorise that and then decide who is more worthy? Even if one person is deemed insignificant for a proportion of the year, if they make you smile they can be deserving of a present.
Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
I think the magic of Christmas Eve is built upon the realisation that in the not so far away hours, there will be a gift giving session which should be worth so much more than the money spent, which exchanges happiness and pride and this is why Christmas morning should be the time for present opening.

Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
I actually haven't, nor have I ever had a burning desire to build one. I love gingerbread and teaming a slab of gingerbread with a hot chocolate from Costa is one of my proudest moments but making a house from it has never interested me. I'd hate to say I'm now too old to create one, but maybe that is now the truth. Hmm.
What do you like to do during your Christmas holidays?
I usually go and spend too much money in the boxing day sales, while meeting up with friends who I may not have seen in a while and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, but this year I really want to read a damn book as my reading has been pushed to the side amid chaos after chaos and reading three whole books in a year is embarrassing to admit, especially when one of those was a lacklustre Kimberley Walsh book.
Any Christmas wishes?
Without sounding totally cheesy, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas for once, though I don't actually like the snow it looks ridiculously pretty and if I'm not setting foot in it, having it lay outside my window will do me just fine. 
Favourite Christmas smell?
I have a ridiculous addiction to the salted caramel Yankee Candles so I assume they will take pride of place in the candle holder this year.
Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
 Pigs in blankets are a once a year treat, so I assume they'd be what I'd choose, but stuffing is my bae and therefore I should choose stuffing. Did I mention I went to Leeds last week and they gave me a Yorkshire pudding with my fish and chips? Leeds is bonkers.
Join me tomorrow for more #blogmas! 
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One Rather Overhyped Unoriginal Announcement

November 28, 2014

Dear readers of Olivia Curls,
I've got an announcement to make, which you should be (potentially, sort of, perhaps) happy with.
This announcement is going to be over hyped just like the Zoella range.
This announcement is going to be even more unoriginal that the Pointless Book.
This announcement is going to be more interesting than the latest Kimberley Walsh book.
However, it is not going to be hyped any longer.
Want to find out?
Wait until my next post, in the next week, probably to be removed from drafts in the next millennium.
I'll shut up.
My announcement is that I've got a boyfriend.
That was a lie. I'm forever alone.
My announcement is that I'm doing #BLOGMAS.
That's right.
I'm dedicating myself to writing 31 posts in 31 days.
Don't laugh. I may accomplish it.
I sometimes accomplish things.
Come back on the 1st December to see this beautiful month kick into action.
Who knows, I may talk about sex.
I was forced to put this into my post by my friends in the diner.
Abi, Chesca, Beth and Gemma are my squad.
Adios until Monday.
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Too Brassbound To Talk About It

November 18, 2014

I honestly had no idea what nonsensical title to use for this post as I expect it to be a slightly dysfunctional 'life update' post but the words life update seem boring and repetitive, no? I'm not cool enough or structured enough to write one of these every Sunday either, so I couldn't call it a Sunday Segment or whatever my Bloglovin feed decides is in fashion this week (catty or what!?) Anyway, here's what I've been doing, as I'm not too brassbound to talk about my practical fortnight since I last saw you all, if you're interested in hearing my daily rambles you can follow me under @olivia_curls (blog related) and @xoliviamae (general life) on Twitter and hopefully I'll keep you entertained with selfies and the sort.
001: School found out about the not-so-lovely blog post I wrote about them, which I was happy about as it let them know my feelings while also showing that I had the rather decent capability to stand up for myself, but apart from that nothing came of it and not a single rule has changed, apart from I came in a pair of jeans last Wednesday with a black blazer and they didn't say anything or send me home but then at the same time they were sending others home so unless they're scared of me saying something else? I guess I looked rather smart in black brogues, smart black jeans (they were a different pair) paired with a white shirt and black blazer, it'd be suitable in an office surely?
002: I had an unimaginable sense of determination power through me during the week which I detailed in some rather rambly texts and tweets, I mean me writing two essays in one night!? I think somebody slipped something in my drink as I finished so much work with days to go half the time (hell yes) and I'm finally no longer behind in my lessons, which is a rather large relief.
003: One of my friends celebrated her 18th birthday last weekend so we went for a meal to the local Italian to catch up and celebrate and it was bloody lovely. Some of the girls who were invited I'd not seen since I'd left secondary school and barely seen them when I was even there so it was absolutely amazing to be able to find out what they were doing nowadays and I'd love to do it again sometime soon. Happy belated birthday Vicky!
004: I somehow managed to work three days this weekend which meant by Sunday evening my hair still had a faint smell of popcorn even though I'd washed it every day in between, but salted popcorn is beautiful so I suppose it isn't a bad smell to have haha! I can't wait till the end of the month *wink face*
005: I went for a little Costa catch up with a friend and tried one of the hot chocolates from the Christmas collection, and I admit that I gawped a little when reading the calorie board (I blame Katie from Scarphelia for tweeting about it) but the new black forest version is honestly the nicest thing I've ever tried from there, I'd wholly recommend it and the picture I've uploaded at the top of this post is making me feel rather hungry right now..
006: I cannot wait for this Saturday coming as I'm losing my standing concert virginity by going to see one of my favourite (scrap that, my favourite) punk pop while still sort of mod band, The Ordinary Boys! I wasn't happy when they split up in 2007 after Preston, the lead singer, got married to the blonde airhead Chantelle from Big Brother who then subsequently divorced him and had a baby with Katie Price's ex husband Alex Reid, but what can you do. I love their new song 'Awkward' and though it hasn't lead them down the path I expected them to go down, I'm excited to see what is to happen to them come 2015 when the comeback tour is over..
So that was my life in the past two weeks.. hopefully my blog posts won't be as all over the place and will follow some kind of pattern in the coming weeks but that's all wishful thinking. My college work seems to be driving me crazy and I still have a post to write about a brand where I've been sent quite a few things to review, so I'm feeling guilty about not doing that but it'll all work out fabulous in the end, with this seemingly never ending buzz I've had this week or so maybe the world is my oyster!?
Have a nice week homies xo
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If Sixth Form Treat Us Like Children, We Should Flaming Act Like Children

November 07, 2014

My name is Olivia and I'm supposedly a seventeen year old cup-a-soup obsessive from Yorkshire. I'm currently studying four A Levels at a school which I have attended since I was eleven years old. I am currently filling out a UCAS application form which details which university I wish to spend the next three years at. I have just had the pleasure of a rain sodden walk home to change one pair of jeans for another pair which are not emblazoned with a two small insignificant studs placed on the waist. Let me repeat my age. I am seventeen years old and are currently making one of the biggest yet scariest decisions of my life. No, these decisions do not involve the shade of trouser I chose to wrap around my thighs, but they involve a future full of laughter or a future sat on a till. It's safe to say that a pair of jeans is not very high up on my caring list.

Except it is. According to my badly run prehistoric school in the middle of nowhere, the things that cover my nakedness on a day to day basis is so much more important than my education. Google describes the not so important noun as 'the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction' and 'an enlightening experience.' Enlightening experience my arse. (excuse my French.) 

The place I visit every day has become a breeding ground for hatred and anger, there is talk of a petition which may or may not help us enjoy our time sat in the 'study room' (because the canteen has been renamed so we no longer have a social area) and the amount of threats flying about about quitting has increased tenfold. Once the television was turned off (according to the head of my sixth form this was mysteriously broken) and the promise of music was disallowed, the complete mentality and ethos of actual feelings just dropped of the face of the Earth as if it had never existed. Last year there was at least some atmosphere which wasn't likened to the feelings in a morgue, now the only thing that keeps us going is bitching about the school, if you think we like it you're rather mistaken.

I can't seem to fathom how the school that I actually enjoyed last year has gone so far down in my estimations within practically weeks, but then I can't think about last year as the same school at all. Not one thing is the same. Last year, aged sixteen, I was responsible for turning up to my own lessons and working in my own free periods. This year, I'm a year older but obviously not a year wiser. We've been assigned certain times where we have to sit in the library all huddled up like four year olds, and God forbid if you don't turn up. Detentions baby! I thought detentions had gone out of the window once I'd left compulsory education. At other times where you aren't ordered upstairs by the library lady, you have to sit in the goldfish bowl of the canteen - no study room I mean, sorry! while the heads of the school look into the room from their offices while judging your every move and come and tell you that you'll regret not working in a couple of months and read our target grades out in a monotone voice which makes me want to sleep. I know my target grades thanks, you don't need to remind me. 

The sad thing is that you wouldn't be subjected to all of these fun activities if you're not wearing the correct dress code. Last year, I wore skaker skirts and nice shirts, and if I do say so myself I never once looked downright disgusting and off putting to visitors, nor did I think that what I was wearing was affecting my education. This year, I probably look worse than I did last year - for that matter I know I look worse this year. Wearing skin tight midi skirts do nothing for my figure nor do they look flattering to the many new students who are coming up, but school think they are very suitable for me to wear even though I look more of a slut in them than I do in my skater skirts, which skim over my arse rather than accentuating it. This dress code used the great definitions of 'necklines should be above the armpit' and 'your skirts should touch the back of the calf when your leg is bent at a ninety degree angle' and though in theory this may sound smart, if you either can't afford to look good or have ridiculously bad fashion sense it can make you look like a nightmare. 

The school seem to think that by wearing a pair of jeans which featured a slight stud that was covered by my smart top was affecting my education so much that I had to be sent home and miss a lesson in the process, but I don't. I changed into a second pair of jeans without a tiny stud but with a zip and that supposedly follows the rules as they were cotton material. The other pair were flaming cotton material! (I even emailed H&M directly and they clarified that the pair with studs on were acceptable work wear and were cotton trousers rather than jeans, it said trousers on the receipt.)

So here's my rant about how I feel my school are treating me and the rest of the 200 or so pupils like babies and expecting us to react like adults. I would love some feedback on what you think I should do.     

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Mini Haul

November 06, 2014

My blog has recently become an emporium to my thoughts and dreams and I admit that I love it. In twenty years time when all is left of my childhood is memories, I have this sanctuary on my own part of the world wide web ready to leap back into my subconsciousness, I have a place which is freely accessible where I can read my inner processes like they were buzzing through my brain ten minutes previously. Yet sometimes I read the sidebar of my small and insignificant website and realise that 'fashion' is no longer incorporated into it. Why, may you ask? I just don't have many things to say about it anymore.
I do have an obsession with the industry we find ourselves in, and that's why the seven letter word remains lingering around these parts though stereotypical and materialistic fashion posts are seemingly becoming a thin and uncommon occurance on the blog and I don't know whether I like this. I hope that in the future that renewed trends and aspirations conjure themselves into lovely mini essays and snapshots but for now, this isn't happening.
Alas, the last time my inner synapses burned with excitement over the reduction of my bank balance was with this mini haul. Ark, the store that only Northerners seem to know about suprises me and perplexes me in multiple amounts every time I visit, as their clothes are sincerely hit and miss or more expensive than my debit card will allow. Nonetheless I managed to pick up two beautiful tops, one being a crop which I expect should be paired with a matching short combo in a deep blue colour with mini flowers dotting over the top. I don't do things the way they're meant to be *shakes head at self* but I've teamed it with a high waisted skirt and worn it for college, disobeying every dress code mantra but not caring anyway... oops. The green nature inspired top is also from Ark and though it is a little longer than the crop, I find that it needs to be worn with something high waited also to hide my less than perfected midriff.
The rest of the haul is from Urban Outfitters, with the book entitled 'Social Photography' by Daniela Bowker being my favourite out of the lot. It encompasses every tip and trick I've seen lying round the blogosphere into one neat and concise book, with the chapters set out clearly so I find it easy to flick through to find the bits which take my fancy. I somewhat expected the guide to rattle on about high end paid for applications specifically for IPhone so I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the Android users of the world were nicely taken care of along with those of us who do not have a credit card linked up to the App Store which allows us to spend money on downloads.
My final purchases were a 'Catseye' make up bag which will be travelling with me across the country and the world and a popcorn bucket, as movie nights in are becoming less frequent than they ever were and I would like to reinstate them as a family gathering more often. (It does help that I am a rather big fan of salted popcorn!)
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A Trip To The National Media Museum

November 04, 2014

 Rain sodden pavements on a typical Yorkshire morning weren't enough to dampen the hyperactive spirits who were pleased to get out of a day involving Business and English (nope, just me?) as we took an overdue yet overextended trip to the National Media Museum in Bradford with school. I expected it to be larger than it was, but wasn't necessarily disappointed at the activities and choice on offer. A day filled with selfies and an archaic episode of Tracy Beaker seemed to keep our smiles tight, and for a free trip out you can't complain.
The museum included so many different artefacts which were fascinating, including the last remaining set from Wallace and Gromit after a devastating fire attacked the building where the rest were kept in the early noughties; it's ridiculous though beautiful to notice how much effort goes into one slight object like a chair but it made me appreciate all of the people behind the scenes who take so much time presenting and creating something for the common people to have as background noise over Christmas time. There were also sets created for the Wombles on show, and it's fascinating how one person has the passion and ability to painstakingly write a newspaper article on a scrap of material no bigger than a memory card, which probably reads as nonsense when shown on the television if it is even noted by the viewer.
Though we were meant to be checking out the animation sections, my heart lied within the photography zone; old SLR's lined up in cages alongside polaroid's from yesteryear and modern times within a whole area littered with compacts and professional video tools. Though most of the cameras were tucked away from prying fingers, the feeling I took away from it was not one of a museum, it felt to me like an oddities store which encouraged the young and old to join in and the feeling I seem to have gathered from the photo room in particular was one that encapsulates the whole building, one of mystery and gathering yet one of preserve and culture. I probably don't make sense here (sorry.)
Downstairs, the ground floor was taken over by floor focus in which every computer from the very first was displayed beneath our feet (a perfect place for a good #fromwhereistand hashtag if I do say so myself) which was rather cute - though I did fear for the safety of the PC's as my heavy footed steps were rattling precariously against the glass and chances are the products beneath me were worth millions - eek!
As it's free to get in, I'd recommend you going if you're in the area but at a push it would only take up two hours of your time, so don't expect to make a day of it. You can find the official website with more information featured here.   
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Youtube Is Creating The New Idols

October 28, 2014

Youtubers are defining the day to day lives of ordinary teenage boys and girls in the same way that the Spice Girls dominated and dictated the intelligent thoughts of millions of school children in the 1990s. We have reached a point as to where males and females, famous for only speaking of themselves and their hapless yet intriguing lives, are hosting their own events, winning awards on a national and international scale and buying multi bedroomed houses with their earnings. Queen sung all those years ago; "is this the real life, is this just fantasy" and now I have the phrase echoing through my brain on repeat as I can't seem to fathom the thought that the internet has created careers like no other and has helped to not only indoctrinate young people but teach others that life can be difficult and hard and without these famous Youtubers I seem to believe that some of our children would not be alive today. The Youtube generation are the new idols.
My name is Olivia and I am a seventeen year old girl from the North of England. I was brought up to believe in one of the most difficult recessions to hit the country in nearly thirty years. I do not have a clear memory of when computers did not dominate every second of daily life nor do I remember the days when phones weren't held in the palm of every businessman or director. I have friends who weren't born when the first Rollercoaster Tycoon game was released and I'm too young myself to even envisage Take That on their first assault on the charts.
The current teenage generation have only known internet access at every minute and the youngest of this generation will not remember when there weren't over 70 television channels free to view for twenty four hours every day. We have had access to websites since we were born, and my life can be categorised by the social networks I was using at the time. Piczo, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Bebo.. all names which have faded into oblivion but have had a profound effect on millions across the world.
Famous faces such as Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr have been there to watch through years of countless troubles, niggles and nightmares and because of that, have become idols. The amount of money they are earning is proof of the illustrious industry they are made from. Eleven year olds now glance at their subscription boxes and see a new hairstyle tutorial from a twenty something and have a warm feeling inside. Just like the generation before us screamed with delight when they saw the Spice Girls strutting their stuff on Top of the Pops, our generation die with happiness every time their notification bar lights up green. They see Zoella and wish to be like her. They look at her and think 'superstar' and hope to one day have a beauty range in Superdrug too. They see a girl who started out with nothing just like them, reviewing cheap make up in hope of fulfilling her dream.
Even if the child wants to be a vet or a chemist or a teacher, they see hope and inspiration in the echoed words of the Youtuber. They see 'just say yes' and follow this mantra like it was written in the Bible. They faint and refuse to relax every time their idol calls their name on a Live Stream or during a tweet marathon and hold the hallowed words dear to their hearts, or as their mobile phone background or Twitter bio. They are living through a recession and see happiness and determination radiating off the Youtuber and pick this happiness up like it was an infection. 
A reader of The Telegraph emailed this message to the newspaper and it helped me to understand why teenagers and the young ones of this generation feel the need to idolise successful, real people who have broken through the glass ceiling of contempt and are enjoying a life doing what they love.
"Sir, I am getting increasingly annoyed at the barrage of articles about teenagers, and the adults who keep trying to explain our behaviour. We are not as irrational and immature as adults seem to think. We've grown up with financial crises and accept that most of us will be unemployed.
We no longer flinch at bloody images of war because we've grown up seeing the chaos in the Middle East and elsewhere. Most of us are cynical and pessimistic because of the environment we've grown up in - which should be explanation enough for our apparent insolence and disrespect, without "experts" having to write articles about it.
We need to realise the love and admiration the young have developed for Youtubers as they are now the key to unlocking the futures of the coming generation, just like the boy bands and girl bands were in the late 1990s.
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I Feel Comfortable

October 26, 2014

 Striped Tee: Topshop | Jeans: (or when at sixth form, jean style trousers) H+M
Socks: Topshop | Brogues: Urban Outfitters | Coat: Miss Selfridge |
Earrings and Choker: Moncou Handmade
My style is defined by the mood I find myself in, which doesn't necessarily mean that the day this outfit graced my hips my emotions expressed the connotations linked to black. It was the opposite actually, I felt as if the world was ready to be captured by the slight and short fingernails I have grown accustomed to owning, and that nothing and more importantly, nobody could force me to change.
Wearing this outfit is more pivotal to my overall existence that I let myself realise.
A black jacket from Miss Selfridge revealing a rather bog-standard continuum of monochrome is a staple in the 90's infused wardrobe of any teenager now and although this fact is one that every hipster will deny, what I am wearing is sincerely ordinary. Ridiculously ordinary and 'boring' if I asked Gok Wan for his opinion, I'm sure he would say.
Alas, I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and achievement every time I wear this outfit. By pulling a basic tee shirt over my head I allow my brain to relax and tell myself that everything will be okay. By pulling up a pair of black jeans, somehow I hear flashbacks in the back of my eardrums reminding me of the days where I was too scared and mortified at the shape of myself to even fathom trying a pair on.
I inwardly cringe at frequent memories where I refused to wear the things I am wearing now but it shouldn't be a surprise that wearing a figure hugging outfit is a daunting experience for those of us who are not gifted with a body fit for a queen. Alas, we have had it regimented into us that certain items of clothing are not suitable for certain people. Apparently I shouldn't wear jeans and this thought echoed through my body for years of my existence.
All I am trying to say is that wearing something isn't as easy as just throwing it on. Wearing bog standard outfits is not easy. Wearing a pair of brogues while owning a pair of stumpy legs is not easy. Wearing jeans which not only hug every lump and bump of an unforgiving frame but make some people sick with worry over how they are appearing to others is not only unhealthy but it is upsetting too, and I feel as if lots of people don't know but also don't understand how it feels to be somebody who hates their appearance so much that it takes a lot to even throw on something basic.
My conscience says that learning to appreciate that everybody has inner battles everyday is crucial if we are to move forward as a generation and I hope, I sincerely hope that we learn it fast instead of coming to assumptions, yet I also believe that this generation that I find myself belonging to is fast at encapsulating and agreeing to points that make lives better and for that, I am proud to say that I am a teenage girl from the United Kingdom who can agree to change and believe in my own and others' lives.
-- ramble over --
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Yearning To Write #Project365

October 18, 2014

Never let anybody tell you what to do. Nobody.
The time I spend lavishly writing my thoughts and displaced dreams on this blog is my own time, it is nobody else's and for that reason alone I should be allowed to partake in this adventurous life inspiring moment and write my hopes and what I want on Olivia Curls. Nobody can ever take this away from me and I will make sure of that every single day until blogging and passion fizzle out like an unexpected chemical induced bang.
A week spent away was spent writing essays, downing shots and smiling (or grimacing) in a need to be productive and I'd love to say that these past seven days have been fabulous. My days were fun filled while containing various embarrassing anecdotes which will certainly come back round to haunt me over coffee and cupcakes in five years time. But something was missing.
I was yearning to write again and keep writing until my fingertips struggled to a halt through sheer exhaustion and scenarios echoing this thought whirred through my mind until I picked up the laptop this afternoon after a day with the family to let it all out.
I find writing therapeutic and sweet and satisfying, and though the idiots may natter and cut holes through every inch of happiness I've carved up through it, nothing is going to stop me. And with this, I'm going to put my spin on #Project365 and allow my bubbling sense of anticipation for everyday out.
For the next three hundred and sixty five days, in fifty two carefully articulated posts there will be a fifty word story accompanying a picture which signifies the day. Diary writing has never interested me as my lack of perseverance and constant need for perfection irritated me too much while writing a from the heart diary so this somewhat written prose is my alternative. 
 Hope you enjoy it.
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This fortnight I #2

October 12, 2014

Look at me, reaching number two in a series, is this a miracle or am I dreaming? As always, this fortnight has been a bit of a whirlwind where I've consumed copious amounts of Coca Cola, (diet of course) eaten three pizzas and finally accepted that to move forward in life there is a stampede of thoughts that need to be put to bed and I feel as though I am now on my way to achieving something. Fashion wise, my looks have been slightly boring and comfortable as the new dress code in college is suffocating my attempt to look half awake and half decent but hopefully it'll pick up and the teachers will forget about it next month, it seems to be that my school spend more time gravitating towards hating you rather than teaching but the inner optimist tells me that this could be for my own good. Alas, I'm going to see The Ordinary Boys next month which I'm rather excited for so expect to see some happiness infused tweets over the coming weeks as I prepare for my first mosh pit experience.

Read: I've mentioned before that my brain is not allowing me to hold concentration enough to read a whole book, yet there are many articles I've read and become engrossed in the past fortnight, like this Nadine Coyle article for the Daily Mail (though I hate to say it, she is my gal) - hearing somebody you've admired and looked up to over eleven tiresome years speak about their hopes and dreams being crushed as if they were crumbling through a mechanical rubbish bin is something I hoped to never hear, yet I somewhat understand where Cheryl and co are coming from. (sad faces all around)  

Watched: This fortnight has taught me to never go on Youtube when there is something pressing that needs to be completed. Lily's Youtube videos have provided me with hours of laughter while teaching me to believe in myself and trust my own struggles, though these fantastic hours have prevented me from finishing coursework and exam prep - yet which would I rather be doing, working or understanding what I'm working for?  

Listened to: The Ordinary Boys' albums have provided a constant soundtrack to a quiet, sweat infested library as the drums and guitar beats ram through my soul and into my heart, and for that I'm grateful. I also discovered that Cheryl Cole's track 'Happy Hour' was also recorded by the superstar which is Rihanna; hearing two dramatically different voices overlapping and complimenting each other while still holding their own is something that I didn't expect to hear from the duo and it made my mind smile a little on a rain dampened Monday morning.

Discovered: I discovered a video early last week named 'Shit Beauty Bloggers / Gurus Say' which was narrated by Zoe London, the rather beautiful yet eccentric blue haired babe from London which opened my mind to the hilarity of the blogging world and also prompted me to write the 'Am I A Bad Blogger' post which you can read here. It saddened me while making me laugh as the real impact of the online world suddenly hit me with brute force - our self worth and idealisms are based on people who write about foreign substances while daintily mentioning posh synonyms like they are going out of fashion. 

Please give me feedback on whether you like these types of posts as I love to share my life and my rather perplexing thoughts with you. 
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Fashion Changed My Life

October 09, 2014

Fashion as a whole is something that I believe has changed my life, where an illustrious industry has managed to manipulate my thoughts and experiences from the day I set my eyes on my local shopping centre, where I had the burning need to prove others wrong and show them that dreams can come true. Fashion to me is one of the most important elements of my short seventeen years and without it I don't believe that I would have turned out to be the person I am today.

I can pinpoint exactly when my heart started to beat faster and my mind became transfixed on the importance of dressing well and following trends, it was early 2007 and I was reading gossip magazine New! which my mum occasionally left lying round the house. I didn't know it at the time, but I'd reached the 'chic or freak' pages, famous for criticising eccentric models and high street horror stories, yet I was fascinated by the daringness of the famous figures and the happiness they achieved from dressing how they wanted to, even if in the magazines' eyes they looked downright ugly. It started to rule my head as the thought of school turned into the thought of a non uniform day where I could design and dream up brand spanking outfit ideas for pretty much all of my class, where the importance of a non uniform day became the highlight of the term. It also signified the ending of the academic year, which may have added to the excitement and sheen of it all yet my heart still believes that without having the freedom to express myself for one day a term I'd have gone stir crazy.

As I've grown up, I've taken the ability to mix and match outfits one step further, with the creation of my blog and the start of sixth form, where every day is a clean portrait ready to be painted on, where I should be ready to make my mark. Over the past year I've had fashion disasters, (read: midi dresses after Pizza Hut) fashion favourites and most importantly, I've felt free. I felt as though there were no constrictions in my being and that teamed with the right pair of boots and a good lipstick, I could take over the world. The saying always was "every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway," and the majority of the time this was the mode of life I stuck to.

Alas, life changes. I've recently started my final year of A Levels at a prehistoric school who have the guts and determination to stifle the loves and desires of its own pupils, thereby abandoning the creative needs that their pupils want and need in order to survive. They tightened the dress code.

Okay - yes, I'm exaggerating though the moment the headed slip of paper popped through our letter box enlightening both parent and student about the changes to the dress code, my whole ideology of sixth form fell apart. I no longer felt free and able to make my own choices. Coupled with other difficult factors at the time left me feeling as though some superior figure now held the keys to my own brain and it was one of the scariest emotions of my life. And although this incident left me reeling, it allowed me to understand how much one simple word has carried me through my life. And guess what it is - fashion.

Fashion is the epitome of my whole life and judging by recent situations, its impact will live with me for the rest of my life. Without one slight word beginning with F, I don't think my personality would have developed the way it has and I know for a fact that my confidence would have suffered dramatically. As Ken Barlow always says, "I am the only constant in your life" and for the most part, this is the only way I can describe one overwhelming semantic field full of materialism and laughter: fashion.

Disclaimer: This post was originally written for Loveable Vogue.
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Am I A Bad Blogger?

October 07, 2014

My Bloglovin dashboard has been littered with countless links on 'how to be a good blogger' and 'how to be successful in the blogging world' over the past few months. Supposedly, the world of bloggers insist that we should all be perfectly rich while publishing over the top glamour notes at every available opportunity. I accept that to be at the top of your game, you need to invest both time and money into your www dot yet I think that pure passion and writing talent should go further than the expense of a SLR and a rich momma.

But supposedly I am a bad blogger.

I do not post daily as I have an actual life outside of the interweb, and unlike the well known bloggers - Zoe London, Lily Melrose and The Sunday Girl - this is not a full time job for me. Hell, it isn't even a part time job, it's a hobby and it's something that I personally admire myself for doing as my over the top brain is the most uncommitted thing I have seen in a while, as shown by the four blogs in three years situation (oops.) Although I try to post three times every seven days, I feel guilty as I don't have the time nor deep feeling to want to push out countless pieces of good quality content as much as 14 times a week like the bigger bloggers.

I have no niche. I am not a magician with my words, I cannot conjure up deep images in my readers' heads, I cannot take beautiful pictures yet I cannot make a nondescript paragraph sound sophisticated either. Looking back on the past couple of months, the fight between reader and writer has stepped up massively as the reader demands individuality and honesty, but the amount of new writers who have emerged wanting an enormous readership has astounded me also. I realised that I'm just one in a million (literally) and unless I think of something pronto, I'm just going to be submerged over talented teenagers with a better style and a better life. Yay.

I have never understood the obsession of owning forty similar lip glosses nor do I have the funds to achieve this. And this is the key to being a beauty blogger right? Without owning every single bloody Naked palette, there's no point existing is there? If there's one thing that the beauty world has taught me, it's that you need high end products to be pretty. It says it all when I've just watched a famous Youtubers' video (no names mentioned of course) and my friend who's sat next to me asked me whether she actually owned anything from the high street. And no, it's not a drug store - we're not American!

I have never owned a DSLR, and in the near future I do not expect to own one. Yes, the picture quality is astounding once you learn how to use it, but it scares me that so many teenage girls can dangle a four hundred pound plus camera over their necks while still using the automatic function. I am a firm believer that it is the owner of the camera and not the device itself which creates the magic, but without a fancy tripod and an equally fancy Canon I obviously shouldn't be thinking about making Youtube videos and definitely shouldn't be photographing products or landscapes as the lighting would surely portray the view incorrectly - except if you use free daytime light or Picmonkey, of course.

I don't have the HTML skills to create a theme and template which is fully responsive and tailored to my every need. However much I would love to be fully qualified in designing and coding, my lack of free time is forcing my blog to look, well - basic.

Alas, I feel as though these things do not matter. Scrap that, these things do matter, but they cannot change my fate and they cannot change the fact that no matter what, I love to write and without this passion and determination forcing me to write, there would be no blog. There would be no outfit posts if I was not passionate about fashion (although I do admit these posts have been pretty thin on the ground at the moment) but what I'm trying to say rather badly is that why should my blog be dependent on outside factors and constraints set onto me by other people?

This post wasn't written for sympathy, I don't want comments telling me that I'm a 'good' blogger because I know I never will be yet I just wanted to let my feelings on the subject out and let you know why I never will be one of the popular girls as I wasn't born to be. And this will never change.

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Stop and Listen Out

October 05, 2014

I don't know about you, but there are some music tracks and songs out there which can captivate my heart in a minute and force me to just stop still and listen to them. I'm meant to be writing essays about onion skinning during animations but I've just had some of my favourite 'stop and listen' songs appear on my ITunes shuffle which I guess has lead me to Blogger to tell you all about them.
I like girl bands, I'm not going to lie. I love the happiness that radiates from every note, I love the sadness the ballads seem to possess, I love the jittering beats and the 'bass down low' as the tune of the same name says. I've grown up listening to bands such as Girls Aloud and The Saturdays, and even though my music change probably sounds like it should belong to a seven year old rather than a girl with seventeen years behind her, it describes me perfectly and the lyrics still race through my body impacting my synapses, just like they did when I was little, except now they mean so much more. The lyrics are filled with memories, laughter and tears, with the hidden meaning now being ever so prominent as I remember eight and nine year old Olivia being ever so perplexed about the big words but singing them anyway.
It doesn't matter whether the music I like is ten years old, brand new or aged fifty, because every song I own means something unexplainable to me and here's some of my favourites:
The Saturdays - Why Me, Why Now (Motown version) / My Heart Takes Over
Girls Aloud - Life Got Cold (I hated this until a couple of years ago)
Little Mix - Good Enough
Lana Del Rey - Cola
Avril Lavine - Alice
Marina Diamondis - Teen Idle / This Is LA
Robin Thicke - Get In My Way / Top of the World
Olly Murs - Heart On My Sleeve
Ordinary Boys - Life Will Be The Death of Me
I guess I'd love for you to listen to a few and tell me if you liked them etc etc, but at the same time I know every single person who exists has their own list of 'stop and listen out' songs and this, to me is one of the most beautiful things about the human race, we are so unique and every song holds individual meaning. Ciao for now!
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Liebster Award

October 02, 2014

-beautiful bikes that made me smile on sunday-

 Fuurin nominated me for the Liebster Award a couple of weeks ago while I was having a mind block but to be nominated again is mind blowingly fabulous and it scares me yet enthralls me in equal measures that faceless users are interested in what I have to say. As I'm sure you know the slightly over the top and mind numbing rules for this award by now, I'll jump straight in and answer anything you may want to know. If you have never read or seen a Liebster Award before, the rules can be found on Fuurin's blog right here.

What are you currently listening to?
My mind has decided that wailing vocals laid on a hotbed of deep beats is the cure to my happiness and therefore the last twenty songs played into my headphones were by Marina Diamondis, most commonly known as Marina and the Diamonds. 

Is there anywhere else you'd rather be right now?
I'm currently sat in a sweaty, tuna smell tinged sixth form library, so anywhere apart from here would be beautiful. A beach in Florida is the dream, yet the reality is probably a rainy town centre and a hot chocolate topped off with marshmallows and proper cream.

What has been your favourite blog post that you've written to date?
 I wouldn't like to say I had a favourite post, as so many have meant so much to me for different reasons as this blog is a place for me to journal my life and thoughts, and without this place on the net my head may have frazzled into smithereens and my hope for the future will have vanished into thin air like I wasn't worth existing anymore. I say this, yet I am very proud of this post here from my old blog and I feel as though it was the start of a chapter for me, and this here is the punch line.

Tell me what you're reading.
I barely read anymore, sigh. The only things I read continuously are blogs, which is a little sad in itself and depressing though I'm not ashamed about it. Bloggers create constant streams of new content which helps my brain tick over in this fast, commericalised world and my favourites include Scarphelia, LLYMLRS and Gingerly Pale

Reveal a facet of yourself that you have not mentioned on your blog.
 My favourite nail polish shade used to be Ameretto Crush and I'm currently wearing it and hating it now. (read: I only let you guys know things I'm comfortable with you knowing.)

Favourite visual?
 This poster from Keep It Bright which takes pride of place next to my bed. 

Close your eyes and think of a room. That room is yourself. How does it look?
This is deeper than the sea and I don't know whether my mind can fathom an answer. The only image that comes into my head is a building site converting an old, run down shack into an open plan space which will be sold on the London property market for millions. I guess this is deep too.  

What made you smile today?
 Insignificant rambles from my friends which were too insignificant to even remember Supposedly this is the beauty of life and surely without these insignificant moments your life would be incredibly boring as every second would include a drama.

A quote you live by.
 "Be a bad ass bitch from hell so nobody can fuck with you." 
Nicola Roberts actually commented on the Instagram photo which included this quote on my account, which gives it an added meaning and increases the strength of it in my brain I guess. 

The most recent thing that has changed you.
Realising that I can achieve and be whoever I want to be. So many people that I thought I knew personally do not matter at all anymore and should never have mattered in the first place. If this is the only life lesson I take from this year, I've made the right decision as I am not a pushover and realising this has opened my eyes to a new beginning. 

I nominate anybody who wishes to complete this tag.
 I always reply to blog comments and tweets.
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