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March 31, 2014

robin thicke - ain't no hat for that
the saturdays - wildfire
una healy - somebody else's life (acoustic)
little mix - a different beat
cheryl cole - screw you
clean bandit - rather be
olly murs - right place, right time
bastille - weight of living part ii
demi lovato - let it go
frozen - official soundtrack
girls aloud - what will the neighbours say
union j - union j
jessie j - alive
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March 30, 2014

dress = ark

Why should we stress ourselves out? 
Why do we stress ourselves out?
I'm sat in bed right now at 22:21 on a Thursday night after having the day from hell. But I'm content right now, I know what life will throw at me tomorrow, I am prepared. Although my stress levels are at an all time high, my dreams are starting to seem achievable. Without aspirations and goals, nothing will ever happen. It can't happen because you aren't willing for it to happen. 

We need to stop stressing. We need to dream. Without dreams, hell becomes a reality. Without reality, we lose the whole meaning of ourselves. We need to understand that we set our own journeys and without perseverance now, these dreams won't happen.

Keep your head up.
Olivia x

lush 'space girl' bath ballistic

March 28, 2014

Remember the days when we all hated baths because they were a waste of time, saying 'why can't we just go for a shower?' That doesn't really happen anymore, does it? Baths are now a place where we can just sit in and relax - and get clean of course - and I can't imagine having baths now without my favourite bath products. 
Here's a review of my favourite Lush product and the only one I have ever repurchased - the 'space girl' bath ballistic. As many bloggers and reviewers on the Lush website have said, this bath bomb (or ballistic) is great value for money. At only £2.25 per ballistic, it's on the cheaper end of the Lush spectrum, but that doesn't mean it doesn't do its job.

I can tell you now I didn't buy this product based on it's smell at first, just because I'm not good at smelling things in the Lush store as they all seem to just smell of the shop, but when you get this ballistic home, you'll definitely know you've got it. It's not the strongest smelling bomb I've ever used, but it gives off a lovely fruity scent that reminds me of summer. Once the bomb is dissolved in the bath, the water is a nice deep purple colour with speckles of red. Supposedly the 'space girl' is meant to pop in the water, and be like popping candy, but I haven't noticed this yet.

Have you ever tried the Lush 'space girl?'
Love Olivia x

where did the loving go?

March 26, 2014


denim jacket = zara | pink tee = river island | quilted skirt = river island | necklace = new look
There has been one quote this week that has stuck out among the rest, and it's been floating around in my head for days, like a conscience. When Cheryl Cole went into hospital with malaria, all she could think about was "I may have the shoes, but I can't walk to the shops in them." That's all I seem to think about recently, as we all look at people and judge them based on what they are wearing and how popular / rich they are, and that should never matter. I'm trying to focus more on the little things in life, friendship and happiness, and hopefully these things will make me a better person, even if I don't have the shoes, nor the fancy handbag.
Olivia x

rustic dreams are made of this

March 24, 2014


dress = ark | necklace = claires accessories | bracelet = jewellery moments*
Although we are forever being persuaded to give up our bin collections in favour of recycling, a lack of homeowners actually do it. In England, we are responsible for throwing away hundreds of tons of easily salvageable items because in our worlds, the buy and throw away idea is the best one. This is how stores like Primark boom, with millions of us shopping in store every year, guilty of buying a dress to throw away weeks later.
I'm not saying I'm totally innocent, I'm always buying clothes because they're cheap, wearing them out because I know they didn't cost me much in the first place. However, I know we need to change.
I received a beautiful bracelet from Jewellery Moments last week, called 'rustic earth' (link here) which is made from rolled up pieces of bark, precious gemstones and wood. Alice, who owns the business, creates all of her products by hand, and I find that amazing. Life should be recyclable, and products should be kept for a long time, and this is what I loved about Jewellery Moments. 
The bracelet is hard wearing, I expected some of the bark to look like it was peeling off after a couple of days but it didn't, I've had it for a week now and it's still as pretty as it was when it came out of the (gift wrapped) box.

The bracelet I was gifted cost £12, which I think is a great price for something that would last so long. Alice even took out a bead for me as I have a little wrist (news to me!) and I really felt like I was having the personal treatment. Who does that in Topshop!?

Will you be checking out Jewellery Moments?
Olivia x

(my readers can also get 20% off any purchase with the code OLIVIA20)

(although I was gifted this item, all opinions are my own. you can read my disclosure policy here)

make up free selfies

March 21, 2014

tee = primark | skirt = river island | necklace = claires accessories
face = mine! | make up = none
If you have Facebook, you'd have probably have noticed that there are hundreds of your friends taking 'make up free selfies' in aid of cancer research. I posted a selfie on Wednesday night, amid the statuses that criticised the movement and thought it was a waste of time. It's not.
The idea of the movement isn't just taking a make up free selfie. Taking a selfie for the sake of wanting to upload it to Facebook is pointless. The idea is to raise awareness for cancer. Yes, cancer. Something we all know about, we all know the disgusting effects and the lives it wrecks, we know that right now we don't have a solution. And that's why we need to do something about it. We all expect there to be never ending funds for cancer research, but in reality money is constantly being spent and constantly running out. A £3 donation could mean a breakthrough, and that's what the #makeupfreeselfie tag is all about.

Since Wednesday, over a million pounds have been raised through text donations, and now guys are getting in on the action and wearing make up, a switch around from the original idea. A spokesperson for Breakthrough Breast Cancer said that they'd seen 'the number of unique visitors to our website smash all records to date.'
This is what we're striving for. By posting a status or a tweet you are effectively giving your timeline a chance to see what they can do for cancer. My friend posted information about a fundraiser organised in our town, some posted vital statistics. It's your choice.
Do your bit. Don no make up for a day, don make up if you're a guy... and please do the most important thing of all... text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3.
Three pounds could save millions of lives.
Three pounds could save your life.
Thank you.
Olivia x

ootd wednesday | like beautiful robots dancing alone

March 19, 2014


blazer = zara | t shirt = new look | necklace = new look | shorts = republic

Here's another outfit of the day, I must admit I do like reading ootd posts because they give me great style inspiration and give me new ideas on how to mix together staples, like these shorts. I must admit, they are just bog standard shorts but I think by adding a summery pastel blazer it makes the outfit look like I've put at least a minute's effort into it... which I did, I promise.

Olivia x

mini boots haul

March 17, 2014

Here's a mini haul I had in the beauty store Boots. I guess some of you call it drugstore, but I'm not American, so it's a beauty store on the high street. British high street, that is. Now we've got that over and done with, over to the reviews!
The Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation was bought on a whim, I needed some new foundation and as I love my Rimmel mascaras, I guessed the foundations would be good too. I'm happy enough with it, I must admit you don't get that much in the bottle for your moneys worth but the consistency of the product is nice, it's not too runny and I've now finally found a foundation that doesn't look cakey nor make me go orange. Which is weird, as usually the lightest of the light shades turn me an unsightly shade of Essex orange.
As I said above, I've always loved the Rimmel mascaras, which is why I bought the Rimmel London Volume Flash Mascara. Although it's slightly clumpy and sometimes makes my eyelashes stick together, it is an extremely long lasting product (as long as you don't rub your eyes) and doesn't come running down your face during thunderstorms - which is surprising as the mascara isn't waterproof nor expensive at only £6.69. I'd recommend this mascara to anybody and it's certainly one I'll be rebuying.
Last but not least is probably the best bargain I've had in a long time, with the Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray. Ever since I bought it back at the end of January I've had it in my bag to spray quickly in between lessons and on breaks from work, as it just leaves me feeling clean and fresh. Yes, the smell doesn't last all day, it doesn't even last half a day, but if you're willing to spray the scent every few hours it's a great product all for a couple of quid. And it makes you smell like vanilla cake, which is always a bonus.
Have you tried any of these products before?
Love Olivia x 

the vamps 'wildheart'

March 14, 2014

The last time I featured 'The Vamps' on my blog, they had barely released a single and were classed as 'just another one hit wonder boy band.' Fast forward a couple of months and they've had their second top five single, announced a nationwide tour and are currently supporting The Wanted. Scary, huh?
Although Wildheart has been out for a while now, I really wanted to do a review on it and some of the b-sides on the album, because I've seen so many people (including my friends: hi Holly) who won't give them a try and won't listen to them because they're 'just a manufactured group' with 'zero talent.' Firstly, they're not manufactured. If you want to class four teenage lads who sang on Youtube and then found each other manufactured you can, but to me manufactured is boys auditioning to record label executives who then choose the best of the bunch and throw them together to make a band. That isn't what The Vamps are.
The first CD features the title track 'Wildheart,' along with three covers, 'You Said No,' a cover of the Busted track, 'Best Song Ever,' originally by One Direction and 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl,' which is a cover of the track by Jet. All the covers are a bit more rockier than what you'd expect from a pop band, but that's why I love them. It's definitely not hardcore rock, for that matter if you're a proper rock fan you'd laugh at me for even suggesting they're even slightly rock, but they have that kinda vibe going through them, which I like. And this is coming from somebody who spent their childhood living to Girls Aloud, who definitely aren't rock. Although my ITunes seem to think they are. Hmm.
As I bought the fan bundle, (it was on a whim I promise!) I received a second CD which included Wildheart again, but this time only sung by two of the members and another cover, this one being 'A Thousand Years,' originally by Christina Perri. I also picked up a 20 minute DVD called 'Carry On Vamping,' which although it had a pretty good play on words in the title, it wasn't that flash. But it was signed by the beauty who is Connor Ball, so all was good.
Do you like The Vamps?
Love Olivia x

ootd wednesday | all fired up, i feel alive

March 12, 2014


t shirt = new look | denim skirt = primark | necklace = new look
bracelets (from left) = cath kidston, primark, primark, homemade by my sister

Here's the first OOTD I'm gonna post as part of my new series, 'OOTD Wednesday', which doesn't include any alliteration or funny quips in the title because nothing sounded right when I tried to add it to the bloody word that is Wednesday. Eurgh. So for now, my Wednesday posts are going to have a really boring title name and some nonesical song lyric attached to it. If you can think of a funny name, please tell me it as it'd make me smile (and it'd be probably be used to be fair) 
I find it so difficult to find clothes to wear in this weather because I still have to wear tights with everything so can't put nice clothes on because they look silly with tights. *crying face* But hopefully I've made some cheap skirt from Primani look like it shouldn't be in the bin... hopefully...

Olivia x

ootd | summer vibes and inspiration

March 10, 2014

 t shirt = primark | kimono = new look | skirt = river island
I love kimonos at the moment, they disguise my lumpy bits and make my usually dark outfits look rather summery. I've got two kimonos at the moment, this one from New Look and another from River Island which if I'm honest is very similar to the one I'm wearing here apart from it has thick black piping round (which actually makes it 10 times cooler.) I can't wait for summer to arrive, especially as I've got tickets to see both Little Mix and Jessie J at Scarborough, so I'll see you all there!
Just as a side note, I'd like to say a big hello to Katie, who blogs over at Scaphelia, because her posts have inspired me a lot recently, especially her first ever post and the one about becoming a tourist in your own city. I loved her blog so much it's now got it's own little button on the home screen of my phone, so I can easily have a read when I'm unmotivated.
Another great blog has to be Lauryn's, which is called Lauryn's Notebook, her site has probably the longest posts I've seen for a while, but every word is meaningful and it really makes me smile. Her post about the deterioration of the printed word echoed everything I've ever thought about magazines, and to top it off, she's such a lovely girl so if I were you I'd give her a follow.
Who inspires you?
Olivia x

insta february

March 07, 2014

company spines | smiggle | lollypop selfie #1 | i'm actually in company magazine eek 
lollypop selfie #2 | ootd | scary flooding in town | 60's party
productive business lessons | kimba | year anniversary | promalom
So there's my February. It was a month with lots of 'firsts,' which may not have been documented on Instagram (nor any other social media for that matter) but whatever they were, they're all slowly shaping me into a different person. Hope you all had a lovely month, and here's to a better March. Oh, and hello to all of my new readers, thankyou so much for following little old me, it makes me so happy to see people want to see what I have to say.
Watching: Ja'mie Private School Girl
Listening: Marina / Girls Aloud
Drinking: Fruit tea / iced tea
Doing: essays and shopping
Olivia x

2014bc | polishes i love + nail fail

March 03, 2014

As a blogger, I know I'm meant to have beautiful hands and look like a model, but I don't. I've probably got the shortest and most chipped set of nails out of anybody I know, and if some kind of miracle happens and I do have nice nails for a day, the polish or the actual nail just falls off and they end up looking manky again. (take from that what you want) So when it comes to painting the bloody things, I need to use a really good quality nail polish, and here are my picks!
I love the Revlon nail lacquer in the shade 'sequins,' as it's pretty easy to apply and although it comes out in clumps sometimes, I find that a good thing in a sequin nail polish as it means you actually get some actual sequins on your nail! When it comes to either glitter or sequin nail varnishes, I always think it's a good idea to buy a slightly more expensive but better quality one, as then you actually get what it says on the bottle (yay!)
I'm also a massive fan of the MUA nail varnish in the shade 'ameretto crush,' although it's deemed a cheap and nasty nail polish, this one isn't that bad. With most varnishes you need to paint a couple of layers on, so what's the problem with layering this one too? For a pound, it's probably the cheapest polish I own but it's a lovely baby pink colour and one I've religiously used for about six months now.
Sally Hansen nail polishes are probably in every single bloggers make up bag, and I can understand why. They're very good quality and the colour payoff is amazing - the deep purple colour of 'bewitched' actually comes out a deep purple, and I loved using this polish throughout October and November and if I remember rightly I wore it at Halloween too, (?) the brush is also quite large, so you can paint a whole nail in one go which is great for me as I'm waaay too impatient for my own good, it also means less chance of spillages onto other nails! Woo.
I thought as I was writing about my favourite polishes I should (sadly) let you know about the worst polishes I have ever bought. The No7 stay perfect polish in the shade 'I'm exquisite' came straight to mind as soon as I thought about bad polishes, and it shouldn't be that way. I've always thought of No7 as the perfect step up from high street to high end, but I've had better polishes from MUA and Collection. The brush's hairs kept falling off when I tried to paint my nails, making it almost impossible to have a nice manicure because you had to keep pulling annoying little hairs off your nails, the actual consistency of the polish was gloopy, and just flowed off the brush like water from a tap - ew it was just awful. I expected much better and will never, ever buy anything from No7 again, which is sad as some of their other products sound lovely. 
What are your favourite polishes and have you ever had any 'nail fails?'
Love Olivia x

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