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March 03, 2014

As a blogger, I know I'm meant to have beautiful hands and look like a model, but I don't. I've probably got the shortest and most chipped set of nails out of anybody I know, and if some kind of miracle happens and I do have nice nails for a day, the polish or the actual nail just falls off and they end up looking manky again. (take from that what you want) So when it comes to painting the bloody things, I need to use a really good quality nail polish, and here are my picks!
I love the Revlon nail lacquer in the shade 'sequins,' as it's pretty easy to apply and although it comes out in clumps sometimes, I find that a good thing in a sequin nail polish as it means you actually get some actual sequins on your nail! When it comes to either glitter or sequin nail varnishes, I always think it's a good idea to buy a slightly more expensive but better quality one, as then you actually get what it says on the bottle (yay!)
I'm also a massive fan of the MUA nail varnish in the shade 'ameretto crush,' although it's deemed a cheap and nasty nail polish, this one isn't that bad. With most varnishes you need to paint a couple of layers on, so what's the problem with layering this one too? For a pound, it's probably the cheapest polish I own but it's a lovely baby pink colour and one I've religiously used for about six months now.
Sally Hansen nail polishes are probably in every single bloggers make up bag, and I can understand why. They're very good quality and the colour payoff is amazing - the deep purple colour of 'bewitched' actually comes out a deep purple, and I loved using this polish throughout October and November and if I remember rightly I wore it at Halloween too, (?) the brush is also quite large, so you can paint a whole nail in one go which is great for me as I'm waaay too impatient for my own good, it also means less chance of spillages onto other nails! Woo.
I thought as I was writing about my favourite polishes I should (sadly) let you know about the worst polishes I have ever bought. The No7 stay perfect polish in the shade 'I'm exquisite' came straight to mind as soon as I thought about bad polishes, and it shouldn't be that way. I've always thought of No7 as the perfect step up from high street to high end, but I've had better polishes from MUA and Collection. The brush's hairs kept falling off when I tried to paint my nails, making it almost impossible to have a nice manicure because you had to keep pulling annoying little hairs off your nails, the actual consistency of the polish was gloopy, and just flowed off the brush like water from a tap - ew it was just awful. I expected much better and will never, ever buy anything from No7 again, which is sad as some of their other products sound lovely. 
What are your favourite polishes and have you ever had any 'nail fails?'
Love Olivia x


  1. I like the No 7 nail varnishes, maybe you just had a weird bottle? Lovely post, as always x
    Annie x

    1. Probably, I don't know aha, and thankyou so much Annie! x

  2. What's the 2014 blogger challenge?

    1. The 2014 blogger challenge is like a group of us, and we get set tasks once a fortnight, I know you can't enter into it now but it'll be running all year and you can read all of the posts over on www.anothergirlyblg.blogspot.co.uk (I think that's the url anyway - it's definitely got anothergirlyblg in it anyway ahah!)

      Olivia x


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