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April 03, 2014

Back in November, I won a competition ran by the skincare brand Face B4 and the Sarah Harding Addicts for a set of the new spot treatment range that Face B4 had out, as the lovely Sarah Harding was now 'the face.' I had a lot of hope for the products, the press had started to hype about them, Sarah was promoting them, (and she's stunning) and they were medically proved to work. Except, for me, they didn't.
I didn't want to post this, especially as I didn't like the idea of being sent something for free and then moaning about it, but I've always said I'd be honest about anything I reviewed, and I'm being honest about this. From a quick Google search of 'face b4 reviews,' it seems I aren't alone and so I don't feel as bad about posting this. But here I go...

left = foam | right = serum
[yes the foam is falling]
Firstly, the boxes the products came in (not pictured) are big, bulky and to be frankly, quite ugly. The business have tried to put waaaaay too much information onto one box, and it ended up being one big cluttered mess. It doesn't get much better when it comes to the actual bottles. I didn't know how to even open the 'daily cleansing foam' at first, and when the weird foam came out of the pump thing, it felt like the cheap and nasty stuff you get in public toilets. It might as well have been, the amount of good it did for my skin. After using the product religiously like the long winded instructions said for a couple of weeks, my face looked like a pizza. One thing Face B4 did get right is that after using their products, I did want my face before back! I was thinking that this was just the product bringing out the inpurities in me before letting me start afresh, but alas, after another week or so using the product I ended up giving up on it. It didn't work. Onto the serum...
I've never tried a serum before, so had high hopes for the Face B4 'after cleansing serum,' especially as it usually retails at £14.99 so isn't exactly cheap. Yes, I would say it moisturised my face, but nothing more than my trust Body Shop moisturiser would, and definitely less than my Marc Jacobs Honey body lotion. However, my face felt soft and wasn't left greasy after using the product, so I'd probably give it a 6/10. Maybe a seven on a good day.
Have you ever tried Face B4?
Love Olivia x

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  1. I'm glad you posted this review; sometimes not-so-great reviews are my favourites to read because you can tell that the person writing it is being totally honest! I've not actually heard of face b4, but I probably won't be searching for it any time soon! x

    Megan / Lazy Thoughts


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