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August 26, 2014

top image: 'xoliviamae' bracelet, company magazine, retro sunglasses from claires accessories, smiggle headphones*
August has gone rather slow compared to July, though there are some things which have made it fab. My little sister bought me the 'xoliviamae' bracelet at a summer fair a couple of months back before I changed my blog name and it's been lovely to have it tied round my wrist, especially as this year I don't have any holiday wristbands to fill my arms with. For a while now, Company magazine has disappointed me as the pages became less and less about real content and more about hashtags and silly fashion trends though this month the mag made me smile again, its a real shame that the mag is going solely online as I don't tend to read online magazines when there's a much more varied blogging community to read into instead. After my first pair of round sunglasses broke, I've had to rely on the free pair that Cosmo gave away a couple of months back along with this pair of palm tree emblazoned glasses, which isn't too bad as the round frame suits my face shape and the lenses are of a lighter shade than I'm used to so the world now looks like a vintage Instagram filter. Last but not least, my Smiggle headphones have been a source of great comfort while trying to get through the mountain of work I seemed to have left myself during the college holidays, the sound quality is fab and they don't hurt my ears like the majority of headphones, I'm even wearing them while writing this!

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