Goodbye Sixth Form

July 23, 2015

Goodbye Sixth Form.

32 days ago my life changed. For the first time ever, I could wake up on a morning and breathe a sigh of relief, in the knowledge that I never had to enter the place I unwillingly absorbed information ever again. Until the early months of this year, life at sixth form had been getting me down, so much so that I dreaded entering the large and foreboding glass doors, fear and apprehension clogging up my insides as I stepped across the footpath into my sixth form. But things got better, as they always do, yet those few months where nothing was going right will stick with me forever as I remind myself of the limits of the mind and realise that in the grand scheme of things, nothing is as bad as it seems and 11:11 dreams will come true.  

Some of the past two years at sixth form has been harsh and unforgiving, packed with compulsory coursework and rigorous examinations yet between the rapid ingestion of content and caffeine lay two years of laughter and enjoyment, the photos attest to this notion as I comprehend how far we've all grown up. With friendships becoming stronger, and relationships becoming gossip, life has changed for everyone and it won't stop now. In two years, I have become a working girl, organised tax payments and money transfers and more importantly, become a woman as eighteen tears of existence passed and I became a fully fledged adult, ready to take over the world without restriction. This year I visited both New York City and Washington DC, two places on the bucket list of adventure that I wish to complete in the next 10 years, alongside trips to far-flung destinations and closer to home hotspots, learning to favour the unique over the crowd, something which I think describes my sixth form experience perfectly.

As a sixth former, I came to realise how stupid social standing was and how little I cared for it, something which looking back on I'm happy about as without our #squad, (yes, I went there) Wrapped Up wouldn't have been the sound of the winter and i wouldn't have realised how much I sucked at bowling. Selfies aside, imagery from the past two years has captured spontaneous laughter, dancing to 90s music, Das Sound Machine sound caps in English lessons and cake on Fridays which materialised a whole zero times, and it is these memories that will take me to my hospital bed aged 70, not those of annoyance at the state of education and rants which was the focus of November 2014. 

32 days ago I realised that as I walked out of the exam hall and out of people's lives, I would never live the same day again. I wouldn't walk into sixth form smiling, but I wouldn't walk into sixth form stressed either. New chairs would be placed in new, even more inappropriate areas so that I fell off them, new hiding places would be found - and as I stepped out into the big world and said good bye to 7 years of compulsory education, a new chapter would begin also. I'm climbing that flaming mountain higher than anyone can see and I'm gonna reach the top.

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