Abandoned Marvels Theme Park, Scarborough UK

October 13, 2015

A few months ago, after a rather crap day at a local theme park, I along with three friends took a trip to Scarborough to visit the abandoned remains of Marvel's Adventure Park, a resort which closed in 2002 after many a year of money troubles. Once featuring rides such as the Big Dipper, a dragon ride, a water area and at one time a zoo, it broke my heart and fascinated me in equal proportions how much a single site can deteriorate in so few years. Once a haven for adults and children alike, the park is now desolate, home to rusting metal, broken alcohol bottles and little else as nature begins to reclaim the area.

After a treacherous trip over crumbling paths, we arrived at our destination, expecting to see ground work and small mementos embedded into the ground, yet the only visible artefacts detailing that fifteen years previously, the area was home to a bumbling theme park was the steel chair lift hangars standing tall into the sky, complete with red crumbling paint as the wind echoed around its skeleton with a force to chill any body.

After exploring the chair lifts' main structure and the remaining wiring, cables which at one point powered families through the sky to the North Bay promenade, we took a moment to adjust to our new surroundings as it dawned on us that the ground ahead of us was not a natural part of the habitat, the sand and fibreglass filled mound in front of us was in fact the remains of the buildings in the park which had been crushed together to create something so strong that four of us didn't even realise it wasn't normal rock until we were close to falling off the edge into the trees and rotting buildings below. 

Below the rock mound was yet another chair lift pole, alongside a mysterious blue square hole in the ground which we later found out was once home to sea life, paraded to paying guests in the form of daily shows, yet now the land was desolate. It was a funny feeling yet at the same time it fired up my desire to visit more off the beaten track locations to see what is lurking underneath the main promenades of town centres across the country. 

Twenty artsy shots gazing into the sunset later, it was time to begin walking back to the car as we looked back on the theme park that no longer was. You can find Marvels Theme Park on the North Bay of Scarborough Seafrontt. 

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