Remembering To Relax

February 15, 2016

Relaxation is something that doesn't fall within my vocabulary at the moment. In the past couple of weeks I've made some pretty life changing decisions and with that, I've needed to spend a lot of time preparing and thinking about things, whilst also attempting to keep my university essay preparation ticking along nicely, blogging, meeting up with friends and appearing on the telly (!) So you could say that life has been a little hectic in the past few weeks. So when Ocean Loans offered me the chance to take a day to just relax and wind down, there was no way I was saying no.
I began the day by taking a leisurely walk through some of my favourite parts of York, the city I call my second home for the next three years as I attend lectures at the University of York. It was a lovely day on campus for the first time in forever, empathised by the fact that the awful wind that has caused Langwith College to be nothing more than a wind tunnel had subsidised, leaving behind a chilly day but bright and sunny nonetheless. Walking through the town centre on a weekday always has its perks, one being that all of the tourists are busy at work themselves, too busy to stop at every scenic bridge to take pictures, which meant that I luckily had most of the city to myself for the morning and got to look around the usually packed tourist points myself! It's days like this when I stop worrying about the small things and remember to look up and around me, and it's days like this I relish in my memories as I begin to ponder the nuances of the locations I visit every day that I've never noticed before. 
Knowing I had the full day to myself, I popped into one of the local nail bars intent on just getting a manicure but ended up getting full blown acrylics for the first time - who knew so many different nail buffing tools existed!? I'm normally used to having stubs for fingers so they've taken a little bit of getting used to but once I realised that there was no way I would be able to turn my phone from loudspeaker to silent using the little button, I was fine with it and I've got used to having beautiful nails for the first time in my life. Whilst I was busy getting the top layer of my nail taken off, (it sounds really painful but it was strangely satisfying, just like getting your eyebrows threaded) one of my best friends Meg turned up to get hers done too, fate or what?! We ended up at the top end of town forty minutes later, complete with long nails and a cup of hot chocolate which was v nice and really helped me relax, which was the aim of the day!
In the evening, we went to our local Italian where we ate one too many slices of pizza and two too many glasses of wine, but that was the aim of the game and I left the restaurant feeling extremely full and satisfied. I had such a lovely day and I can't wait to cross a whole day out of my diary to relax and enjoy myself again pretty soon. Though it may seem that there's never too many hours in a day to achieve everything, if you take some time out and look at everything with a fresh perspective, the world will appear different and less terrorsome. Spending a day enjoying yourself will help you do that. :) :) :) :)

I would like to thank Ocean Loans for providing me with the opportunity to relax for a day. Although I was provided with monetary compensation for this post, all opinions are my own. 

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