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August 10, 2016

defo defo defo these tracks
into you - ariana grande
new song - warpaint
gemini feed - banks
you don't get me high anymore - phantogram
cool girl - tove lo
the schuyler sisters - padovan, colley, baldeo (miscast)
one day more - james corden et al (carpool karaoke) 

kind of ok songs that have provided a soundtrack but nothing else
sexy no no no - girls aloud
bad girl - avril lavigne (suicide squad)
bohemian rhapsody - panic! at the disco (suicide squad again)
wait for you - fantasia
yea, babe, no way - lany
ole - john newman
what comes next - hamilton

Blogging and writing with no strings attached is liberating, and I think this shows in my music choices which are seldom this indie or free, often I prefer to listen to constructed records with clear verse-chorus-verse-middle eight-chorus structuring, rather than musical segments and collaborative instrumental from the likes of Banks and Phantogram, but I'm very glad I expanded my musical horizons and began to like something new. Pop music isn't the be all to music and at the age of nineteen, I think I've finally realised this.

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