glory days, a little mix album review

November 21, 2016

shout out to my ex - the lead single from the album, shout out to my ex is a bop and nobody can deny it. the original lyrics are obviously about gigi, which makes the song even better because who can think about 'hope she ain't fakin it like i did' without thinking about hadid? not me
fu - this is such a TUNE! should probably make a reference to 1960s girlgroups and their influence on this track also, but the cleverness of the ABCDEFU hook deserves centre stage here
oops (feat charlie puth) - i can't think of charlie pugh without thinking of the time he wouldn't let go of meghan trainors face live on stage at an awards show but this song is very good if you minus the bits he's in from your brain
you gotta not - this is actually written by meghan trainor and it's very good. i do not think of award shows when i listen to this song. my favourite line has to be 'do you still use a bluetooth' because i'm a sad person who likes the addition of the word 'a' to make it sound like this poor boy doesn't really understand bluetooth or what it is. AND IT'S MEGA CATCHY yes
down and dirty - i'd probably hear this played in york salvation on a saturday night and i'd dance to it because what else do you do in a nightclub but i'd be wishing for the next song to come on so i can stop looking like a weirdo who can't dance properly to a song you can't really dance to
power - cannot decide whether i like this wannabe club style track, but the last 20 seconds filled with 'motorbike motorbike motorbike bike bike bike bike' makes me chuckle more than it should whoops
your love - FINALLY A BALLAD YAY. this is good to sing in the car because the notes aren't too high so i can sing it around family and feels without sounding even more like a strangled cat than i already do. it's also very repetitive which means my brain doesn't need to learn lyrics double yay
nobody like you - ANOTHER BALLAD YES! never as good as turn your face from album #1 but a very very nice change to the sassy club songs and jesy always sounds beautiful when she's pretending to cry through song
no more sad songs - the title will stick in your head for 10000 days and drive you crazy until you wish there were sad songs in the world, because if there weren't any sad songs you'd have to listen to this everyday. which i couldn't do because however catchy it is i do not want to listen to the words 'no more sad songs' rattling around my brain when i'm trying to write about math statistics. but otherwise it's an alright song
private show - at first i thought it could be played before a true private show but in reality it's the sort of thing blue peter would class as really risque, it's probably the reason the album says 'mild innuendo' on it and it's a song i'd sing aged 10 and then my mum would tell me off oops but for nearly 20 year old me i'd sing along to it any day
nothing else matters - wouldn't sound out of place on the 2011 flop 'on your radar' by the saturdays but it's probably better than 90% of that album because to be fair even team sats (cringe) hated the album too
beep beep - sassy CAN I PLAY THIS EVERY DAY (beep beep)
freak - i first listened to this song in an oldyworldy cafe and i physically moved my shoulders to the beat to the embarrassment of myself. honestly such a great song that makes me want to dance in said cafes, if this isn't released by a band in 20 years to try and overcome the second album lull i will not be happy
touch (acoustic)  - as if you hadn't had enough of the #1 hit in the making of touch (see track 2) here's an acoustic version!! yay!! very good because it shows off vocals and not very good because i want a whole acoustic album now

final comments - i somewhat wish that there actually were more sad songs (punny i know) because however great some of these bops are, they're not as amazingly tough to sing in the car as some of the ballads from previous albums. i mean, why would you want to sing along to down and dirty in the car when you can listen to the amazingness which is 'turn your face' from their first album? 
looking at the album sleeve is also a little bit disappointing because where's all of the name checks?! jesy wrote one song with her boyfriend, the rest of the girls wrote three more on the whole album. for a band who pride themselves on releasing content they wrote themselves, it's more than a tad confusing to see their names featured three times. they might say good things come in threes, but for this i disagree. i want more!

quick note on the bonus dvd - the bonus dvd is a recording of the get weird tour, the only little mix tour i haven't attended (cry). for a film that i'm watching on a tv rather than in real life, it's encapsulated the screaming 12 year olds very well HOWEVER it hasn't included the iconic ADIDAS tune which i know was performed so i'm not happy. please, please youtube the performances if only to see leighanne rap the middle eight. WHY SYCO have you not included the biggest bop of the 21st century?? otherwise v good

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