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January 26, 2018

I don't post often on here, and for good reason. It's been almost six years since I started blogging, exploring the online medium of displaying your words for the world to see. I started out as a music lover; a Popjustice wannabe; an undiscovered, slightly too pop obsessed 14 year old who went under a pseudonym to avoid detection from the inevitable teasing writing publicly at that age would procure. I developed xoliviamae a few years later, the blog in which my social media handles all derive from and my first real foray into online promotion and influencer marketing. The outfit poses are cringe worthy and the back links are dead, but xoliviamae formed the basis of what my career, in a way, could become as I grew older. Since rebranding and developing Olivia Curls in 2014, I've had opportunities I never saw possible. I've written internationally, I've found my face on national television, I've starred in a television advert. 

And then I started uni. 

This is the first ~rebrand~ of Olivia Curls since starting my degree, and I finally know why. 

Uni takes up a lot of time. Life takes up a lot of time, and a lack of time usually correlates with a lack of creation. This is where the math side of my mind pops with 'correlation does not mean causation', yet in this case, it does. If we're playing the blame game, university wins hands down. And I'm so glad it did. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to make mistakes outside of the gleam of teenage media; I'm so thankful I took time to discover where a semi colon should be used and where it's unnecessary. Perfection isn't what I'm after, it's commitment. Commitment and strength and strategy and an overwhelming wisp of creativity. And a voice, my voice. I'm glad I took time out to work on my degree, because I'm coming back stronger. A little voice in what is now a huge pond, but stronger.

So sit down with a coffee, pull up a chair. I'm here for the now, I'm here to create and think and edit and learn. There may be a bit more tweaking code wise on my side, but this is Olivia Curls 2.0. Hope you can join me. 

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