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Olivia Firth at Peggy Porschen London

Hello! I'm Olivia, a twenty-something from Yorkshire, England. I've written for Olivia Curls in its various incarnations since April 2012, so I guess I'm a bit of a grandma in terms of social media age. I work in digital marketing and like to tell people to 'have a magical day'.

I'm a huge musical theatre fan, so you're most likely to hear me attempting to make an iconic Mean Girls on Broadway joke, while hopping through little known areas of York and listening to dodie.

I like sugar free caramel flat whites, watching old Jennifer Lawrence interviews and looking at obscure Coronation Street memes from the late noughties. I'm surprised I haven't mentioned it yet, but I was once a Walt Disney World cast member, and it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Mickey, you're the best.

Written for The National Student 
New Years resolutions in lyrics \\ The most anticipated films of 2017 \\ The 5 fashion bloggers you NEED to follow in 2017 \\ La La Land tops this weekends' box office \\ Why reality TV is a viable way to recruit West End stars \\ Meet the finalists for the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund \\ A Hunger Games make-up collection has been announced \\ BBC Three have made a comedy series taking aim at Youtube vloggers \\ 20 essential apps to help you save money \\ Five things to do for free in...York \\ TV Review: Britney Ever After \\ TV Review: Dance Moms - Season 7 \\ Mango has launched an ethical collection and we LOVE it \\ Hear This: Sarah Close - Call Me Out \\ See Gigi Hadid's new collection for Penshoppe \\ Oliviers Spotlight: Best Actress in a Musical \\  Here's why you should travel to the home of the hand mower championships (yes, really) \\ University of Hull students will be marked on their use of gender neutral terms \\ Get ready to be amazed by the best Hamilton inspired proposal yet \\ 10 reasons Wicked is still selling out London’s West End \\ Fancy living in London for free?

Nouse: Nouse's Top Ten Films of 2016
Nouse: Mixtape Review: Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel

Featured on Times Higher Education: "The Soaring Cost Of Student Living"
Featured on 4Music: "Your 4Music: Valentines Special"
Featured on 4Music: Your4Music (March 2016 season)
Featured on Times Higher Education: "Mobile Phone Apps To Help Students"
Featured in Times Education Supplement - 15th April 2016 edition

Featured on Ella Was Here: "Favourite Haircare Products"
Featured on 4Music: "Face The Fans, Charli XCX"
Featured on 4Music: "Your 4Music" (March 2015 season)
~also featured in lots of 4music adverts from february-march 2015~
Featured on Class & Glitter: ""A Fangirls Guide Of Girls Aloud Albums"
Featured on Ark Clothing: "Instagram Post | Instawin Promotion

Featured on Loveable Vogue: "One Year of Fashion Mishaps and Memories"
Featured on Gingerly Pale: "9 Books You Have To Read"
Featured on Colours and Carousels: "Desert Island Essentials"
Featured in Company Magazine: "Read It And Tweet"

~A selection of companies I have worked with include:~
Smiggle, Jewellery Moments, Liz Earle, Face B4, Company Magazine, Ocean Loans, Illamasqua, Leeds Victoria Quarter, Personal Planner, Argan Dew, M&Co, Vodafone, 4Music, Times Higher Education, The Guardian, Ark Clothing


  1. Anonymous9.10.14

    I love your blog.

  2. i love marina! what's your favourite song by her? (great blog by the way)

    1. It has to be a joint decision between Seventeen, Oh No and the Christmas version of Bubblegum Bitch, though I do love Katy B, Where Diamonds Grow and Perfect Oh from her GMTM EP. My favourite instrumental has to be Living Dead :-) Thank you x

  3. Hi, I've nominated you for The Liebster Award. I've yet to actually post my blog post about it, but I will soon and you're on it! Obviously it's your choice as to whether you do it or not etc but I enjoy your blog and thought you ought to know!


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